Links for October 2nd, 2013

Hello VGAD, it’s that time once again for your weekly link dump.

Steam Controller

Last week, Valve made a series of fairly important announcements pertaining to Steam’s ongoing assault on your living room.

The first announcement was a Linux-based operating system called SteamOS, designed to be an optimized gaming platform that is free to download and install on any PC.

The second announcement was Steam Machines (not “Steam Boxes” as the case may be). These are specialized hardware devices designed specifically to run SteamOS. There were very few specifics except that there will be multiple models of the Steam Box from multiple different manufacturers (Including, very likely, nVidia).

Well, the third announcement was the Steam Controller. I didn’t bother trying to describe it on the Facebook group and I’m not going to try here either. You’ll have to click the link and see for yourself.

Jane McGonigal in Edmonton


Jane McGonigal will be doing a talk in Edmonton on October 23rd at the Edmonton Expo Centre (Formerly the Northlands AgriCom).

She’ll be the keynote presenter at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation’s Spotlight on Research Breakfast.

If you’re not familiar with Jane McGonigal, she is a game designer and researcher, as well as the author of the book Reality is Broken. Her work largely centers around the application of games to real-life problems, which includes SuperBetter, the game she designed to help herself cope with a debilitating concussion.

She’s also fairly well known for this TED Talk:

Tickets to this talk are $30 for students.

Humble Weekly Bundle

Another week, another weekly bundle. This time the bundle is games by the developer Kalypso, and it includes:

  • Tropico 3
  • Sine Mora
  • SkyDrift
  • Anna Extended Edition

For $6.00 or more you get

  • Tropico 4
  • Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

All Steam Keys, once again. 6 bucks for 6 games? I’d call that hard to pass up.

Update: Humble Mobile Bundle

Whoops, posted too soon. If you already had the Humble Mobile Bundle, which started last week, three new games have been added for everyone who paid above the average:

  • Karetaka Classic
  • God of Blades
  • QWOP

Again, these are strictly Android downloads. To get at them, you will probably want to sign up for a Humble Bundle account, and then download the Humble Bundle Android app.

That’s it. See you at the meeting.