Links for November 13, 2013

We’re back in business in more ways than one at VGAD. First, we finally got our bank stuff sorted out, meaning we can resume trying and failing to get our registration approved.

Secondly, we have cards for the room until April. We will probably end up with four cards total, but we’ve already got two registered, plus Matt’s “Energizer Card” that inexplicably refuses to stop working.

So without further ado, here are your links for the week.

Hacking Health Edmonton 2013

Hacking Health is a Canadian organization that brings physicians and other health professionals together with designers and developers to create new technological approaches to health care problems.

Their main event format is a “Hackathon” where a few project leaders pitch ideas to the whole group of people assembled, then people can join the group that interests them the most.

Now I probably wouldn’t be bringing this up unless there was an opportunity to participate in this coming up soon, and as luck would have it, there is. The next Hacking Health event is happening in Edmonton at the U of A from November 22nd to the 24th. Specifically it is happening in the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (Or ECHA as students at the U of A will more likely recognize it).

So why is this interesting to us? As aspiring video game designers and developers, the field of health care is a mostly untapped opportunity to combine video games with health care. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Jane McGonigal has championed this approach and already has a health care game of her own called SuperBetter, which she designed to help her get over a debilitating concussion.

Applying video games to health care may turn out to be a major industry going forward. So it would pay to be at least aware of events like this, even if we’re not explicitly planning on attending.