Links for November 20th, 2013

Today, I apologize profusely to anyone who showed up at the room expecting there to be a game night happening. Also some hardware got released.

Unity 2D

Yes, the trend embraced by Nintendo with the 2DS has spread to Unity as well. Unity 3D now supports 2D game development.

Unity 2D is a part of Unity Editor 4.3. You will have to download a fresh install of Unity, as 4.2 will not directly update to 4.3. At least it didn’t when I tried it.

As mentioned on the Facebook group, Unity has a lot of good tutorials available for those who are just getting into it. If you’re still lost, there are several books on Unity that will help you break into it in a more comprehensive manner.

Console Reviews

Reviews are up for both the Xbox One and the PS4. TL;DR, wait for better games.

It begs the question: Does it even make sense to review a console right when it comes out? Even the author of the PS4 review, seems to think it’s a fool’s errand:

How good is the PlayStation 4? Ask me in five years.

But… You’re writing this review now. Anyways, the Xbox One officially goes on sale on Thursday (But it doesn’t matter because that’s the same day that Super Mario 3D World comes out). Does that mean that “Next-Gen” becomes “Current-Gen” on Thursday? Or is there more criteria that needs to be met before the XB1 and PS4 knock their predecessors off the pedestal? We’ll get your thoughts this evening.

More Weird Sales

The new Humble Bundle is another Android bundle, and it’s live now.

Last week we saw the somewhat bizarre Fall Insomnia sale from Good Old Games where 300 copies of Alpha Centauri for 2.50 would fly off the “shelves” but 300 copies of Jack Keane 2 would stay up for like 4 hours, leading to people writing ridiculous reviews in an effort to trick people into buying the game so the next sale would finally come up.

This week, we have the Attack of the Huge Seal sale. Everyone gets 5 discount coupons per Steam Account, and they can choose between 35 games. Also, if you buy three games on the list, you get one free random game. All of the games on the Huge Seal list are indie games.

That’s all for this week folks, I’ll see you at the meeting.