Ludum Dare, Elections, and Game Day

Hey everyone. Anybody who actually follows this thing might have noticed that we were doing pretty good about posting an update every week and then suddenly just stopped.

There are a couple of reasons for that. First off, the decision over what was getting discussed in the meetings should have been made more democratically, so we started allowing people in our Facebook group to submit their own stories that they want to talk about.

Secondly, there haven’t really been any major earth-shattering VGAD announcements in the intervening weeks. But we’ve got announcements this week. A couple of fairly major ones no less.

Ludum Dare


Ludum Dare is two events: A 48-hour game design competition where solo developers sit down and make a game; And a 72-hour “game jam” where a team makes a game under more relaxed rules.

The full rules are here and I encourage everyone who is interested to read them, to make sure they know what’s up.

The event is held at the end of April, September, and December, ie. every 4 months. The next event starts on April 25th @ 7:00 pm MST. We’ll probably be opening up the VGAD room to club members who want to participate and have a fun old time.


Due to both club and Student Group rules, students who are not officially enrolled in a University program may not hold office in a Student Group. Since Matt, Allie and myself are all scheduled to graduate this semester, that means we can’t officially seek office, even if one of us makes it into Grad School. Which means that this year, there will be a major shake-up in club leadership.

Does this mean we can’t still show up to meetings? Hell no! What it does mean, however, is that the torch will be passed down to the next generation of VGAD leadership. Voting will happen on April 23rd. Nominations for positions will be held on April 15th during the usual VGAD meeting time.

It’s exciting and melancholy at the same time. I (Blake) was one of the three original founders of VGAD back in 2010, along with Malcolm Stielow and Derek Dowling, and have seen multiple generations of VGADers come and go. Nevertheless, I’m really interested to see what the new leadership team does with the club in the future, and I look forward to being a part of building the club from the ground-up rather than from the top-down. Also to doing a lot less work! Yeah buddy!

Game Day

As is now tradition, we will be holding our End-of-Semester game day on the Friday of the last week of classes, which coincides with the UACS LAN Party. This will happen on Friday, April 11th starting at an as-of-yet-undetermined time. Basically it will be the earliest point at which someone with a key to the room actually cares to show up. We’ll discuss that at the meeting tonight and post the final time here or on the Facebook event so make sure you’re keeping an eye on either of those things.

The latest we’ll probably start is 5:00 pm, the earliest being probably 12:00 pm. Again this all depends on whether someone with a key can show up that early or not.