VGAD Elections Guidelines

On Wednesday, April 23rd, VGAD will hold its annual election. From the time of this posting until 6:00 pm of that day, nominations will be open for the positions listed below.

Because Blake, Matt and Allie are all graduating (See last week’s meeting), three positions will be vacant, but all four positions will be voted on.


Because we are a Student Union club, 100% of executives must be undergraduates. Anyone who has showed up to at least one meeting in the past year is eligible to vote, including non-students. However, only undergrads are eligible to hold executive positions.


1 – President

The final say on everything club-related. The President has final veto power on all decisions made by the club. Most important decisions are made democratically, but smaller decisions that don’t warrant a vote can be made by the President. The President is ultimately responsible for delegating tasks that are not already covered by one of the below roles.

2 – Vice President

As above, but defers to the President.

3 – Treasurer

Handles the club’s funds. Will be responsible for filling out grant applications if necessary.

4 – Internal

Internal, or “VP Internal” is mostly responsible for filling out internal documents and communications. The “Communications” portion of Internal was formerly allocated to Social, but Social is being phased out this election.

Send self-nominations for one of these roles to

Nominations will be open until the start of the meeting on Wednesday April 23rd. Voting will commence shortly thereafter, and will be carried out by secret ballot among the members who are present.

If you have any questions, send an email to