Featured OST – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In the Grand Theft Auto series, the experience of driving is a defining component of game play that is slightly tweaked for every iteration in order to help shape the uniqueness of each game. Car selection and map orientation form a large part of the physical object composition that characterizes the game, but it is the music and dialogue of the world’s inhabitants that separates Grand Theft Auto from other forms of proletariat digital entertainment.

My favourite installment, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, features just the best selection of music from multiple genres and assembles them into distinct and unique Radio Stations that you can listen to while you drive. Each Radio Station has it’s own show host and accompanying fictitious commercials.

There are a quite a few to choose from, but this one has always been my favourite:

Recommended Tracks:

Toto – Hold The Line
America – A Horse with No Name