Featured OST – Ico

Every aspect of Ico is bold, different, and striking. This game is what I would consider to be the most atomistic version of a serious game.

It brings back the first feelings I had when I thought about heroes; it’s beyond the stereotype that we have internalized through redundant narratives. The heart, strength, and bravery of it is sincere.

The world you inhabit is vastly beyond the main character’s ability to navigate (you are but a young boy in an unknown land) there is little variation in the environment to direct your feelings of progress (you constantly feel like you are trapped in the same place), and there is very little in terms of explicit narrative. I have chosen this as the soundtrack for the week to show how all of these elements are brought to a complete understanding through the music.

I hope that it will be able to speak for itself:

Recommended Tracks:

04. Castle in the Mist
08. Heal
16. You Were There

If you are inclined to borrow a copy- I have one available in VGAD.