Featured OST – Animal Crossing

When we analyse a game, we often rely upon an agreed set of parameters for talking about how that game is good or bad. These parameters include categories such as visuals, difficulty, and narrative.

Important to this conversation, but not made incredibly explicit as it’s own category, is the parameter of immersion. Immersion is arguably how all of these components come together to create player experience.

I bring up the point of immersion today because the way in which modern gaming seems to be handling this particular parameter is to not only create an expansive lore, but to also create a world where that lore is physically manifested and can be interacted with by the player. This adds to the illusion that the game world is real by virtue of vastness.

But there comes a point in which we know something is a game and that suspension of disbelief can only go so far. Some games acknowledge this reality immediately and compensate by creating worlds that are comfortable with their size.

Even if you haven’t played the game, I’m certain that you can hear what I mean:

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… really just the entire thing