CMPUT 250 Concept placement holder

Duality is a Neverwinter Nights mod created by Leonid Productions for CMPUT 250.

It is a psychological themed puzzle game in which a young woman must come to terms with herself in order to escape the limbo-like state of her mind by overcoming challenges in the presence of her shadow, a hostile image of the character herself.

The limbo-like environment representing her mental state serves as the setting for the game and is composed of several mirrored rooms containing creative and logical puzzles bearing themes of duality. These mirrors represent self-reflection and provide passages to a mirror image of each room into which the character must venture in order to solve part of each puzzle.

Along the way, the character uncovers fragments of her past in the rooms, which illustrate the events of her life leading up to the game, the origins of her mental state, and her journey towards rediscovering herself.
The game was nominated for three categories in the BioWare-sponsored awards ceremony, and won both  “Excellence in Art and Design” and “Audio Achievement” awards.

Alex: Producer / Programmer
Dayna: Level Designer / Programmer
Lexie: Programmer
Christina: Designer / Composer
Jaclynn: Writer
Joanna: Artist