God Of Toys


God of Toys was created for the 2015 Global Game Jam.

Programmers: Dayna, Dylan, and Lexie
Art: Deanna
Sound: Robert
Writing: Derek

Theme: What do we do now?

Download here

In five days, ToyTopia’s assets will be seized by its creditors. In order for the toy company to stay afloat, and its creditors to regain confidence in the company, it has to reach a stock price of $100. You are ToyTopia’s senior toy designer. While your career has been long, you have never designed a toy yourself, because Elliot Cadden, ToyTopia’s owner, has always masterminded the creation of each and every toy that has been churned out of the ol’ factory. Recently, ToyTopia has fallen on hard times, and its legendary creator, Mr. Elliot Cadden, was imprisoned. Thankfully, he managed to smuggle a cell phone into his cell using his body as a vessel. He has been texting you instructions ever since. However, the marketing team has been hard at work, giving you instructions on which toys to design. Although your boss is a toy genius, his instructions are often vague. You must balance whether or not you would like to use the marketing team’s instructions or your boss’ instructions to craft a toy. Once you have decided whom to follow, it’s time to make a toy.

Drag body parts together to create strange mismatched toys. Submit your designs for review and try to save the company.