Created by Dylan for the VGAD “Shut Up and Make Another Game” Game Jam

Theme: Enemies as a Resource

Download here

This game is like Conway’s Game of Life with a resource aspect.

How to Play:

Clicking on tiles does damage to them. When they die, they become a resource that you can spend to get upgrades and to eventually win the game. The enemies also attack each other and you.

You must get 15 of each colour to win the game.



SUAMAG was created by Dylan and Dayna for the VGAD “Shut Up and Make a Game” Game Jam

Theme: Inconvenient Mutations

Download here

In SUAMAG is a pixelated puzzle dating sim where you have to avoid monsters and solve the puzzle to find your way to your significant other.

To Play: Arrow keys move player character. Avoid enemies. Grab the triangles to expand the playable area. Get to your significant other to win the game.

Leo and Valeria

Galactic Strike


Programmer and Game Designer: Ryan

Download here

As a pilot of the SDAU – Space Defence & Attack Unit, your mission is to destroy the hostile alien fleet who are heading towards Earth with conquest in mind.

The yellow orb just behind the cockpit’s windows.

Staying close to the bullets of the enemies will make your yellow orb behind the cockpit spark.
It will give you a small bonus score.
-Bullet Cancelling:
Using bombs will not just kill regular enemy spaceships, but also destroy all bullets on the screen.
-Experience Bonus:
Growth of expertise, collecting the stars from destroyed enemies makes your experience grow as you fight against more enemies.
This is a bonus towards your score that presists throughout the stages, unless a continue is used.

Arrow keys: Movement, for the menu and the aircraft.
Left Shift: Holding it while flying will make you move slower and do a “focused” shot.
Z key: Hold to shoot, also the accept key for the menus.
X key: Bomb, kills almost everything on screen except the boss which gets damaged by it.
C key: Start button to bring up the Pause Menu when in game.
Alt + Enter: Toggle between full screen and windowed mode.

The following resource packs are used:
Sci-Fi Visual Novel Kit – [Copyright](C) PVGames
Sci-Fi Battlebacks – [Copyright](C) Michael Rookard
Inspirational Vol. 2 – [Copyright](C) 2015 DEGICA Co., LTD; Pack Creator: JDB Artist.
Inspirational Vol. 3 – [Copyright](C) JDB Artist
Madness Music Pack – [Copyright](C) JDB Artist
Space Music Pack – Evil Mind
Mechanized Game GUI – pzUH
Shoot Em Up Enemy Sprite Pack – Pieterator

Shoot Em Up Enemy Sprite Pack – Pieterator
Sci-Fi Visual Novel Kit – Pioneer Valley Games
Sci-Fi Battlebacks – Michael Rookard
Mechanized Game GUI – pzUH
Kenpixel-future-thin font – KennyNL
Explosion Generator 3 – deep blue apps
Player Fighter Plane – Ryan Satyabrata

Game Music:
Electronic Loop 2 (Generic) – Space Music Pack – EvilMind
BurningEngines – Inspirational Vol.2 – JDB Artist
Challenge – Inspirational Vol.2 – JDB Artist
Faster Than Light – Inspirational Vol.2 – JDB Artist
Downtown – Inspirational Vol.2 – JDB Artist
Grand Prix – Inspirational Vol.2 – JDB Artist
Combat Mode Activated – Inspirational Vol.3 – JDB Artist
Echelon – Madness Music Pack – JDB Artist

Main menu Music:
A Tale From Outer Space – Space Music Pack- EvilMind

Sound Effects:

Special Thanks To:
Humble Game Making Bundle
Game Dev Fort
Game Maker Studio
Indie Game Maker Contest 2015

Duck Over Hunt

Made by Ryan
For the VGAD Game Jam 2016.
Theme: Shameless Rip-Off


Download here

For Windows, made with Game Maker Studio 1.4.

This is a local competitive 2 player game.
Idea: Duck team spawns ducks, Hunter team tries to shoot as many ducks as possible.

Ducks start off with an income that adds that amount to the duck cash each second.
You can spawn ducks with the keys 1, 2, 3 (not numpad), and make them change direction with <Space Bar>.
Key 1 spawns cheap Duck: Costs 5 Duck Cash, and increases your income by 1 Duck Cash per second.
Key 2 spawns fast Duck: Costs 10, and increases your income by 2.
Key 3 spawns fast tough Duck, takes 2 shots to kill it: Costs 20, and DECREASES income by 2.

Move mouse to Aim
Left Click to Shoot
Right Click to Reload.

For each duck shot, the Top bar Red will increase and thus blue decreases.
For each duck leaving the top screen the Blue part of the top bar will increase and red decreases.
The winner is decided by who overpowers who, either Blue (Ducks) or Red (Hunter).
The game lasts 30 seconds before the winner is decided.

Sound effects:
Paulius Jurgelevičius

Strike Witches Get Bitches by Azureflux

Deepsea Frenzy


Created by Ryan

Arrow keys to move
Press ‘A’ to shoot.
Hold ‘S’ to use slower movement.
Press ‘D’ to shoot a Torpedo.

Shoot all sea creatures and collect them for points.
Use a torpedo if you’re in a tight situation, they kill all sea creatures and their projectiles (note that the explosion destroys their corpses).

Watch out for Electric eels, when you touch them they will do damage to you.
They also shoot out electricity which will damage you too.

Also watch out for Anglerfish, they shoot lasers that damage you too.

Have fun!

Download the game here