Codename: BRUNCH

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Codename: BRUNCH was created for the Butterscotch ShenaniJam.

Theme: “Codename: Brunch”

The most important brunch of the century is taking place! The Queen and Prime Minister Goodhair have met at the PoliticsSummit 2017 to finally seal the agreement and usher in world peace over a side of bacon.

What could possibly go wrong?

Download the game here, at its page on where the game jam was hosted.

Hugh Bagan



‘Canned!’ was created for the CMPUT 250 Winter Term 2017. It was made using Game Maker.

An AI gets canned because it wants to go outside. Garbage cans don’t have eyes. Solution? The security cameras.

Won Technical Achievement and Game of the Year in the 2017 CMPUT 250 awards.

Download the game here.


Otman Maoued
Alexander Michon
William Ramsey
Ty Robinson
Andrew Somerville
Jiwon You

Shelby Carleton (Executive Producer)

No Excuse For Monster Abuse

No Excuse For Monster Abuse was created for the Certificate in Computer Development capstone course, INT D 450.  It is a 2D co-op multiplayer platforming game.

In No Excuse For Monster Abuse you play as one of four superhero students set on saving their kidnapped professor. Each hero has their own unique powers including super speed, energy shields, and fireballs.

Grab your friends, choose your heroes, and save Dr. G! Download the game here!

Launch Video:

Gameplay Video:

I Hate That Guy

ihatethatguyI Hate That Guy is a game that was made for the September 2016 Game Jam. The theme was “Ensured Survival”

The game starts moments after your death. Your co-worker murdered you, and you have returned as a ghost to exact your revenge. Attack him with knives and fire extinguishers, destroy the engine, or anger aliens and deactivate the shields. The only problem? Your co-worker is extremely paranoid, and if he senses a ghost, he will perform an exorcism and you will lose the game.

Download the game here.